Soho Sculpture Prize 2014

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Works in Print are the interface between the art, business and design worlds. Through WiP, you have access to an unrivalled catalogue of artists who we represent, or through our consultants, access to an ever evolving global art market.

We make sure the art world is at our fingertips, by not only working fairly with artists, but by creating unprecedented opportunity. One example of this is the Soho Sculpture Prize, which we unveiled with Morgan Lovell earlier this month.

The Prize was all about promoting and encouraging up and coming sculptors in an award all about composition, creativity and engagement. After being shortlisted by an expert panel of judges, the shortlisted pieces were judged by the public via an online Voting Tool WIP has developed to ‘crowd curate’ art collections. The winning piece now resides permanently in the Morgan Lovell workspace in Soho, London for the world to see.

This prize exemplifies the WiP ethos of working fairly with artists while engaging people in the arts. Over 100 artists were long listed and almost 1000 people voted for their favourite pieces. Of course, there could only be one winner and the prize went to the extremely talented Manuel Ferreiro Badia, with his sculpture “Holon”.

The choice of the term “Holon” is based on the interaction between the terms “part” and “whole”. This work constitutes an identifiable, new anthropomorphic study, “a part”, which, at the same time, represents the evolution of my career path, “a whole”. “Holon” gives meaning, simultaneously, to both realities.

Ferreiro Badia

Runners up were Royal College of Art graduate Robin Footitt with his piece ‘Gumstrip(e)’ and Frances Richardson with her large installation piece ‘I-Beam to Pass Through’. WiP would like to offer their congratulations to all the accomplished artists that took part.

We take great pride in working with all of our artists and it’s always a pleasure to be closely linked to their masterpieces, enabling us to fully understand and represent their work, helping us place art in suitable interior and exterior surroundings.

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