Patrick Simkins

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I’m privileged to say I was the first artist working in ‘original paintings’ to partner with WiP. Already a rising company working in prints, Patrick and I were able to discover a suitable route he could take WiP down in respect to original pieces of work. Since that time, the WiP team have managed to place my work in locations that I would otherwise find difficult to reach. When I was starting out several years ago, a few days of trawling around London offices taught me as much!

Working with Patrick and the team at WiP is a real pleasure. Calls from Patrick come out of the blue. If there’s a message left on my phone, I’m eager to call him back as soon as possible. That sort of call is always welcome to a full-time artist!

The general size of my paintings means on occasion there is no other permanent home more suitable than office spaces. It is a great delight to see the pieces on which I’ve worked for so long gain that regular exposure, get admired, and benefit from homes that give them the air to breath.

I’ve also worked on commissions with WiP. The last was for a private company based in Hanover Sq, London. They wanted several of my cityscape paintings based on the homes of their shareholders – a fantastic challenge, not least because I was revisiting my well-known cityscapes after a year away from them.

The nature of my work is often changing, from cityscapes to Olympic Storytelling. Recently I created an interactive installation that asked the public to strip apart some of my Head pieces. You can see the video (below) for the result.

On that note, I’m very happy to now unveil with WiP a selection of my Heads. These are all created using torn up, pre-painted canvas and come framed in a white box frame. The size of them, as well as their tactile nature, are something I hope clients will welcome in their office space.

As I say, the nature of my work is often changing, but I would be surprised if my relationship with WiP did. They’ve been of great support to me and my growing practice.

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