Why Do We Frame Artworks?

Problems arise when confronted with the task of presenting an artwork. Why do we frame artwork? Of course it is very functional, it protects the art, after all a frame is easier to replace than an original piece. It also solves many problems of how to attach a work on paper to the wall. Excluding […]

Transforming a Temporary Space

Installation at Rockspring. Image courtesy of Rockspring, © Alessandra Bosi/Works in Print

‘I couldn’t be happier with our new artwork and Works in Print.  The photographs transform our (temporary) space – an office which could have otherwise been less than memorable for very important clients who visit from all over the world.  Now our hallways and meeting rooms are brightened with European images that are both pleasant […]

The Power of Display

The placement and context of art communicates different things about individual works, as does the interaction of a group of works in a particular space.  The meaning of and response to objects, images and the buildings in which they are presented can be affected by different types of display.  This is helpful to keep in […]

The Price and Value of Art by Colin Ruffell

Colin Ruffell, London Daybreak. Print.

There are several formulas that artists adopt for determining the price for their art. A simple formula just tots up the costs of making the art and adds something on top, bearing in mind that a gallery will usually double the artist’s asking price, add tax, and come to the price for the public to […]

Jay Rechsteiner

Jay Rechsteiner in front of his work 'Getting Stronger Everyday.'

  Swiss artist Jay Rechsteiner in conversation with Werner Geldzahler, freelance curator and art collector, January 2014. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Jay Rechsteiner. I work with different media such as painting, installation, sculpture & video. I also tried my hands on performance and project art such as the […]

Abstract Art

Alice Gorton, Oil Slick, 2012. Mixed media on canvas, 1300 mm x 1700 mm. © Image: Alice Gorton/Works in Print

For some abstract art provokes a negative reaction.  Its lack of representation, or reference to nature or an object, occasionally gives rise to the assumption the artist has insufficient skill to produce a picture or sculpture of recognisable reality; or that she or he has thoughtlessly placed paint or other media on a surface.  While […]

Workplace Art: Art in the workplace

In the UK we are taught art from an early age, we publically fund some of the finest museums and galleries in the world, we appreciate it at school and we likely have it on the walls of our homes, yet, we forget about it in our workplace. The benefits of art in a working […]