Transforming a Temporary Space

‘I couldn’t be happier with our new artwork and Works in Print.  The photographs transform our (temporary) space – an office which could have otherwise been less than memorable for very important clients who visit from all over the world.  Now our hallways and meeting rooms are brightened with European images that are both pleasant to look at and symbolic of our work.  My original, less-than-inspired feelings about our temporary office space have reversed thanks to these beautiful, select shots and the good advice of Works in Print.’

We were contacted by Morgan Lovell to help them source a rented art collection for their client, Rockspring who are high end commercial real estate investment managers.  They wanted to take advantage of the ability to take a short to rental on their collection while their main office is being refurbished.

Working with the Global Head of Investor Relations we chose a collection of photography nodding to the locations of their projects.  Close crop images of iconic buildings, beautiful cityscapes and a great image of Europe at night taken by a NASA satellite!

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